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How to clean and Maintain PCCBs

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I want to get advice from our members on how to clean PCCBs without causing any damage. I routinely would use Meguiar's acid based wheel cleaner but that is not possible with these brakes. I have seen recommendations for simply using detergent soap like tide but that is not going to budge road tar. Other recommendations included P21S wheel cleaning gel but some say although it's safe it's not all that effective. If anyone has first hand experience with PCCBs and have a tried and true method for cleaning them that works please post.
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I hand wash using P21S shampoo. I have 718S 19's so it's easy to reach through the spokes to get the wheel innards and calipers with a terry cloth mitt. I don't trust brushes fearing they will ultimately scratch things with embedded rocks. After 8000 miles no adverse effects on the racing yellow caliper paint or degradation of stopping power. No effect on the wheels either.
Actually, P21S on the calipers, rotors and wheels. I don't use a sprayer to treat the rims. I use Simple Green on my steel rotor cars on the rims to good effect, but not on the PCCB's. Everything is given a good rinse with a hose.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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