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How to turn off ABS?

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I attended a session at Porsche Customer Experience Center Atlanta a couple of years ago in a Boxster S and loved seeing the differences between experiencing track sections with driver aids active and then deactivating them. I now have a 2018 718 Boxster and wanted to try out driving with ABS and other driving controls deactivated during a wet day recently. I tried pressing the ABS button on the console but nothing happened, so I thought I'd reach out to this group.

My car:

- 2018 718 Boxster
- Standard wheel (NOT multi-function)
- NOT using navigation or Porsche Connect

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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AFAiK the PSM cannot be fully disabled, some remains on always.
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That’s not what I was told at PEC LA. If turn PSM off (press and hold) it’s all the way. You can’t turn it completely off on the non-sports cars (SUVs, Panamera) but I was told you can on the sports cars.
Don't you just love the variety of "correct" answers?--especially by those who should know.:(

Here is what the manual has to say (two pages worth!):
Page 205 | 2017-2018 718 Boxster Manual | Porsche iManuals
And what I was told was correct. I wasn't speaking to ABS, just PSM and the notion that you can't turn it completely off. You said PSM cannot be turned completely off. That page tells you how to "turn off" PSM, which you can't do in SUVs. In the SUVs the only option is the PSM Sport mode.
Here is some more info that might help you sort out the details. From the US Press Information booklet for the 718:

"When equipped with the optional Sport Chrono Package, the Porsche Stability Management system offers a separate mode known as PSM Sport that is activated by briefly pushing the PSM button on the center console. PSM Sport differs significantly from the PSM On setting, and is now activated independently of the Driving Mode (Normal/Sport/Sport Plus). When the PSM Sport mode is activated, an indicator in the instrument cluster and the yellow “PSM Off” lamp are lit to inform the driver.

The new PSM Sport mode lets drivers approach the limits of the vehicle more closely on enclosed tracks. Compared to PSM On, the new mode permits much larger yaw angles as well as more wheelspin and allows the driver to experience the sports car's dynamic performance more intensely. It also makes it unnecessary to fully deactivate PSM. However, the PSM Off mode is still available by pressing the PSM button for a longer period of time, staying true to the Porsche philosophy of giving the driver full control over the vehicle. As a safety precaution, hard braking triggering the ABS activates the full range of PSM stability control until the brakes are released." (Emphasis added.)
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