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How to turn off ABS?

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I attended a session at Porsche Customer Experience Center Atlanta a couple of years ago in a Boxster S and loved seeing the differences between experiencing track sections with driver aids active and then deactivating them. I now have a 2018 718 Boxster and wanted to try out driving with ABS and other driving controls deactivated during a wet day recently. I tried pressing the ABS button on the console but nothing happened, so I thought I'd reach out to this group.

My car:

- 2018 718 Boxster
- Standard wheel (NOT multi-function)
- NOT using navigation or Porsche Connect

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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If you are driving on a dirt road you can stop faster with aabs off. This is why most dual sport motorcycles have a provision to disable ABS when on dirt. I used to live on a dirt road & had a BMW R1200GS & ABS was bad on the dirt. I never did the test with a car, so it might not be as bad.
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