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just got myself a 2017 black / black boxster base has all of the performance options
CF dash bits lighting bits
was apparently ordered for European delivery but something went sideways with the loan and it ended up on the dealership floor discounted 6k
here I come looking for a cool commuter car with a budget of 40k
used boxster looks nice test drive a blue S they have pretty nice ....missing some grunt but I can live with it
interior looks a little dated ....I can live with it
I'm playing right into the evil salesmans hands

let me show you something we have on the floor you may like

there under the lights is my baby haha of course it was love at first sight ...

oh no I think dont fall in love
its too late

lets take a test drive he says
go ahead get in the drivers seat

He is a crack dealer and I am a junkie

its perfect

I notice it has all of the stuff...buttons with shocks on them I dont know what that does but its really cool I know that much
it has the little sport mode wheel on the steering wheel that makes me feel like a teenager
carbon fiber makes it way faster (haha)
LED head light things ....totally stupid but I cant stop staring , like a stripper with huge fake lashes


lets test drive it
I just lost like 50 IQ points I realize I have my wallet out

The test drive is a blur
its smooth rumbling power thrust at my command it handles like a performance kart
now the top is down and I am intoxicated

when we come back I say "mine"
1/2 hr later I am the owner

This is probably the nicest car I'll ever own, I dont think Porsche could have made a more perfect car
my wife tells me this is not what she had in mind when I told her I was going to get a commuter car

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Nice prose. I guess we can all relate to a certain giddiness at first seeing, then driving, this car.

Where are you located, Dave? And what kind of driving roads there.....
I'm in AZ Phoenix area

From Phoenix north all kinds of nice winding roads
87 is a favorite, a divided 4 lane that spans from high desert to pine forest.

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Welcome, Dave! Enjoyed your sales experience... I was looking to replace my older BMW M3 and was taken by how sleek and graceful the Cayman was, plus of course the performance and quality: Bye bye Beemer!

We had the new 718 through Four Corners and Page a couple weeks ago... I'll keep Hwy 87 in mind the next time we're down that way. Need to see the crater anyway. :)


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absolutely take a trip down the 87 some time
they call it the "bee line hwy"
dont do it on a Sunday
too many folks coming back to the valley north to south
dont do south to north on a Friday , too many folks going north for the weekend
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