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this past weekend i was at daytona for a DE event. was cruising around 155-160 on the banking/straights and suddenly started getting all kinds of warnings popping up on the screen. the auto-aim headlights failed, the lane change assist failed and i had a PSM failure. kinda freaked me out to say the least. luckily there was a local shop at the track with some customers and they specialize in cayman race cars.

i talked with the owner and found out this is a somewhat known problem with caymans for the past few years. apparently if the car is at an angle of greater than 30 degrees the computer freaks and starts shutting down some systems. the banking at daytona is... you guessed it... 31 degrees.

the fix? park the car, turn it off, lock the doors and wait 30 mins. the computer will reset itself and i was good to go by the time the next session came in.

so word to the wise - if you do any track events on nascar tracks and the banking is over 30 degrees you now know what to expect :)
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