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I put my name on the list...GT4 2020???

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Went to the Porsche store that the dealership group I work for owns yesterday and I'm number 15 on the list for a GT4.

I love my base Cayman, its a hoot. I just love the idea of 420 hp in this platform and race car handling, plus the looks have me sold.
I might swing for the Spyder though if I have the option. Not crazy about the GT4 wing at this point.

Here's hoping I can take delivery sometime in 2021! :D
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Hello all

Just got a a call from my SA saying that no gt4 was allocated to my country Portugal but Spain got 3 gt4 allocations already. (Sevilha Marbelha e Vigo). Lucky bastards :)

Still don´t know how porsche can give already allocations of a car that wasn´t presented yet.

This waiting game is the worst.
Just wish i was normal and didn´t care about cars like the rest of my family. It´s a disease i know eheheheheh

Still waiting till the end of the year to see whats what, im on a M2CS vs 718GT4 waiting game.

Best regards.
Sorry about my english.
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