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I want Porsche to have SKYACTIV-X like HCCI technology

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I love my 718 Cayman. It's a perfect car but I'm wondering if it can be quicker and better throttle response...To be honest, I feel my 718 is slow even if sports+ mode compared to my Toyota 86. I'm driving manual transmission.

I read article that Porsche will continue having N/A engine only for GT series, which are 718 GT4 and 911 GT3. Though there is a rumor of 718 GTS4.0. However, these are too much for me.

On the other hand, there is a breakthrough of "dream" engine called "SKYACTIV-X". In my knowledge, performance and fuel efficiency is usually trade-off. However, this dream engine boost both performance (power & torque) and fuel efficiency significantly. It is said that advantages over downsizing turbo are:
1. Sharp engine response
2. Higher fuel efficiency
3. Cleaner emissions

In below slide from Mazda, I feel SKYACTIVE-X is Toyota 86 and Competitors Downsizing Turbo is 718 Cayman with sports+ mode. I want Porsche to have SKYACTIV-X like technology...
(I'm totally fine with 718 4 cylinder engine and sound but I want quicker and better throttle response. I love Porsche. I never own Mazda. I'm not thinking to buy old 981.)

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