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I want Porsche to have SKYACTIV-X like HCCI technology

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I love my 718 Cayman. It's a perfect car but I'm wondering if it can be quicker and better throttle response...To be honest, I feel my 718 is slow even if sports+ mode compared to my Toyota 86. I'm driving manual transmission.

I read article that Porsche will continue having N/A engine only for GT series, which are 718 GT4 and 911 GT3. Though there is a rumor of 718 GTS4.0. However, these are too much for me.

On the other hand, there is a breakthrough of "dream" engine called "SKYACTIV-X". In my knowledge, performance and fuel efficiency is usually trade-off. However, this dream engine boost both performance (power & torque) and fuel efficiency significantly. It is said that advantages over downsizing turbo are:
1. Sharp engine response
2. Higher fuel efficiency
3. Cleaner emissions

In below slide from Mazda, I feel SKYACTIVE-X is Toyota 86 and Competitors Downsizing Turbo is 718 Cayman with sports+ mode. I want Porsche to have SKYACTIV-X like technology...
(I'm totally fine with 718 4 cylinder engine and sound but I want quicker and better throttle response. I love Porsche. I never own Mazda. I'm not thinking to buy old 981.)

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Question: If you're in 3rd gear at 2000rpm and step on it (no downshift) does the S accelerate way quicker than the Base? This is basically a test of turbo lag and off-boost torque. I'd expect the larger displacement and variable pitch turbine to pay dividends here that don't show up on a dyno chart or 0-60 time.
Yes, with a turbo engine keeping it close to 3000rpm makes the torque nearly immediate. However, I'm currently trying to justify the upfront expense and fuel consumption of the 2.5S and the ability to leap from low cruising rpm to performance rpm without a downshift would help sway me from the 2.0Base. When I got a 2.5 STi this was the situation where it really showed a "power" edge over the 2.0 WRX.
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