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Inde Recommendation for Boerne/San Antonio Area

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Is there a garage with a Certified Inde Porsche Mechanic in the Boerne/San Antonio area that you swear by to do your regular maintenance and repairs?

Looking to do oil & brake fluid change for 2017 718 Boxster S - PDK with 1,850 miles. Also track inspection for HPDE (local dealer gets $175 for inspection).

Thank you!
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$175 for a tech inspection??? That's literally a 10 minute job!
This and other forums indicated tech inspections range from ~$15 to $50 (nationwide), so I almost lost my lunch when the San Antonio Porsche dealership quoted $175. Thus, the rationale behind my local Inde search.
I cannot provide a recommendation for an independent shop but I would just relate my limited experience with the San Antonio Porsche dealership was less than stellar.
Concur completely. The two SAP sales associates I dealt with were far less informed than I was and couldn't really answer more than rudimentary questions. Three visits and all they basically did was show me the interior, frunk, trunk, and offer a "complementary" 5 minute test drive. Never test drove one of their vehicles and eventually purchased our CPO from Blue Grass in Louisville KY (BTW - great experience!).
I can't either, but you might wish to ask the Austin crowd about an indie shop/dealer experience.

In Houston I had a nice experience (oil/air filter change) with Eurowerks. I guess Houston is quite a hike...
Thanks! Hopefully, something surfaces around here. If not, Austin is a nice jaunt through the TX Hill Country with some of the best restaurants in Texas. Houston is a real hike, but will never say never when it comes to quality.
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