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Info for Tracking Delivery of your 718

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Here is some info if you are looking to track the delivery of your 718. If you know the name of the ship your 718 is on this may help. You should be able to get the name of the ship from your dealer. This link should help. The PWL Group In the drop down box you choose your country and the country/port it is departing from--in this case Emden. After you select a PDF should download with the ship schedule info. Hope this is helpful. I believe my Boxster is on the Splendid Ace.:)
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I believe my Boxster is on the Splendid Ace.:)
My dealer told me that my car was at the Emden port as of 3/10. I see that your boat left 3/14. And I've got some positive news for you - it says that the ship 's engines are working! That's good news since it would by a slow voyage if the RORO needed a sail. ;)

I wonder if both our cars are on that ship. They should be since they are the same color!!
Turns out my Boxster S is on the Splendid Ace, which is supposed to dock at Davisville on 3/23, for delivery to me first week in April.

Need all this ugly black snow to melt (and no more to come).
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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