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Well, thanks to the valuable info from this site and several others I got the whole operation done in about 1.5 hours.

I used the thread on Porsche Club of Great Britain as the main guide as the writeup covers the process well.

For a good description on the first step, see Viffermikes's thread on the Soundaktor.

What I think others may need to know: 1) the "hard to reach" torx bolts that are nearest the seats on the engine cover can be removed with a short torx bit and a wrench to turn the bit (mine was 1/4 " drive). 2) the carpet looks like it needs more parts removed to get it out, but it can be buckled up and will come out from under the lips holding it down (use same process to replace). 3) the snap in panels are a bit of a pain for one with limited experience (me), but not loosing the cones and taking the time to see that the cones are going into the guide holes reduces the frustration level on that process.

I'll post a pic or two here or see my Flicker 718 album.



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