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iPod Connectivity - Help

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Dear All:

I'm the happy and proud 1st time Porsche owner of a 718 Boxter. However, unfortunately I've struggled to get iPods working within the car. Even with the help of the salesman, my original iPod Classic 80GBs device failed to connect, so I bought a generation six 128GBs iPod Touch. Upon connecting to the USB port, the multimedia screen displayed "Loading Source". After a few minutes the display changed to "Creating Music Database" where it remained for about 15 mins. Eventually the music was uploaded but all I was able to play was about 5 seconds of ACDC's Sin City (bless the legend Bon Scott!). And that was it. I tried reconnecting whereby it went through that whole process again, this time with no result. I also tried connecting with Bluetooth but it failed. There is about 70+GBs of music on the device so maybe that's an issue? Has anyone experienced the same issue and/or has any helpful advice? Cheers!
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Trying using the AUX connection as the SOURCE. In glovebox, plug 8mm cord into ipod and then into receiver in glovebox.
Maybe try with a smaller library of songs and see if that helps? 70+GBs is a lot of music.
I'm having trouble with my iPod also. It shows up in the PCM and plays whatever was playing before I plugged it in, but there's no way to change what you're listening to through the PCM. I think there are supposed to be extra buttons that let you get to artists and playlists and search along the button, but they don't show up. I tried 2 different 160GB iPod classics and a 64GB iPod touch.
Still having trouble with my iPods. Took my car to the dealer and they tried it. It didn't work for them either. They opened a P-ticket (?) with Porsche. They also hinted at a software update that might be available in October that might address this.
Just picked up my car from having the PCM update installed. My 160GB iPod classic is working great now.
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