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I'm split on Fabspeed or Soul tips for my 718 base with PASM (-10mm). I've read on here that Fabspeed has gotten negative feedback. Is that from their customer service, the fitting of the parts or the parts themselves?
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Thank you for considering us! While I won't speak ill of our competitor, I'd like to point out some perks to our product and company.

-Lifetime Warranty including track use!
-Our X-pipe is cast for strength and smoothness vs welded X-Pipe with lots of welds / points of failure.
-Tip customization - we can build whatever you want!
-Customer service - we pride ourselves in putting our customers first, no questions asked. You can call me at 1 am should you need to. We never leave a customer behind.
-Lower MSRP

If you have any questions, I'm always here to chat or help!

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