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It's here..... finally

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Sharing few pictures of my first porsche. Overall a great experience from selecting, build, delivery... ofcourse a great ride.


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Looks awesome. Black on Black! Congrats!
Few more pictures to add
Love it!!! You have great taste with the interior--of course I am biased.;)
It's finally here

Few more pictures to add
Beautiful car!! Drive the **** out of it.
That is a fantastic color combo! What a beautiful car! Enjoy!
Wow! That is a beauty!

My car is very similarly to yours, seeing your pictures has only gotten me even more excited for mine to arrive!
Congratulations!!! Looks so good with that interior!
Many beautiful interior/exterior color combination revealed on the 718 Forum to date makes it hard to choose so, the solution, you need one in every color.
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Wanna sell it? Awesome ride. Congrats and enjoy the h*** out of it!
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