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Jukebox Storage

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I was reading about the Jukebox storage feature in advance of taking delivery of my car and I have a few questions someone may be able to shed some light on:

1. Has anyone loaded music to Jukebox and is it a time consuming process?
2. is he jukebox storage on the Cayman and Boxster only 11GB?
3. can the storage capacity be increased (especially since I have about 30GB of music)?
4. I will load all my music on a pen drive and leave it in the glove compartment attached to the USB port.....question is it a slow process to retrieve the music from a USB device as the source? I will be using a 3.0 USB with up to 100MB/s read capability.....

If possible, I would much prefer being able to have all my music stored on the cars hard drive.........
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Only 30GB of music??--I have 1TB+ so there is no hope of fitting it into the Jukebox and I haven't tried.

It is really easy to use a USB drive or an iPod. I have an old iPhone 4 that I use as an iPod and I record music from my favourite radio station's internet broadcast (Radio Paradise) and play that through the car. The reading is very fast and the playing so far has been faultless.

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**Correction ~1300 days or 3.56 years......
Well, I have been asked if I'm going to be living in the car!:laugh:

My music is all stored as ALAC on my Mac in iTunes.
I just sync what I want to my iPod, and play the iPod from the USB connection.
I assume I could also just copy the music directly to an SD card. I also update frequently.

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