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Just getting ballpark prices on Wheel/Extended Warranties

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I read other posts - but didn't answer some questions:

So what are some of the ADD_ON's they hit you for in the Finance Dept.
I know pricing varies - so wouldn't hold anyone to it.

1. Extended Warranty - I hear on new is through Quality Guard Plus - can anyone tell me if they bought this - ballpark what you paid and coverage till (Talking on NEW Porsche USA)?

2. Wheel / Tire Warranty - how long - I ready #2020 had bad probs with this...did anyone else get...ballpark on price?

3. Getting them to throw in Tint

4.XPEL Film - Looks like base front bumper and partial hood is like $1395 of course goes up if you cover more.

Any other options they throw at you? Costs?
5. Volkswagon had a fabric / protectant wax package - $750 - total waste - a few bottles of Armor All type stuff and never used...LOL.

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Thanks that makes sense...to not have the lines. Black car - I will look for a local Xpel group in Austin and save the price through the dealership. Thnx. Good point.
Be sure to have the spoiler covered with PPF too - being right behind the truck, it's susceptible to scratches when (careless) people remove items from the trunk.
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