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KAP Android Auto / Car Play Retrofit Guide

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My ‘17 Boxster S was not originally optioned with Car Play. I asked about a OEM retrofit at the dealer and they said it would be $5K+ (?!). I decided on installing an aftermarket CarPlay / Android Auto module from Naviplus. There are some other aftermarket units on the market that have full Android (ROiK-4G / ROiK-MIB2) but I’m worried that the hardware and Android version will get outdated quickly. The kit I got acts as a client, so in theory, it should be more future proof. Besides, I don't really need or want full Android running on my dash. I prefer the OEM like functionality of Android Auto / Car Play.

As far as functionality goes, it integrates well into the PCM and retains all the OEM functionality. The module plays audio through the car’s speakers using PCM AUX input. Since I always use this while driving, I just leave SOURCE set to AUX. You are still able to select other sources while the module is active. In order to switch the video output, all you need to do is press the NAV button for ~1s. The touch screen works with Android Auto / Car Play. The back up cam switches automatically when in reverse, as normal. I was really pleased since this is a piggyback on top of the PCM and everything is completely reversible.

I used this kit from Naviplus:
Porsche PCM 4.0 Integrated Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Upgrade Package

You can probably find it from other distributors as well but it’s made by KAP.
(MODERATOR NOTE: The KAP website was flagged as a spam source and has been removed. Visit it at your own risk.)

I ordered from Naviplus because they were responsive to emails both pre and post sale. Their kit contained everything that was needed. The only modification I needed to make was splicing additional wire onto the power / ground cables to extend them, due to where I placed the modules. I ended up paying $690 USD including shipping, since I opted for the wireless Car Play function. The kit arrived from Australia via DHL in around 5 days to California.


  1. Wire harness
  2. 4G-HIGHEND module
  3. Fuse tap + 10 amp fuse
  4. Stereo RCA male to AUX pins
  5. USB extension for socket
  6. LVDS cable
  7. Car Play / Android Auto module
  8. Antennas
  9. OSD controller
  10. Microphone
  11. HDMI cable
The wiring harness is fairly straightforward, since the connectors won’t let you plug things into the wrong place.
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Thanks for the detailed write-up and pics! Looking forward to hearing how the BT phone connection works. If your phone can be connected through BT for calls and aux for everything else, I'm pretty certain this will be the way to go for me.

Thanks for being the guinea pig on this install. Looks clean and tidy!
My Android phone is connected using usb-c and Android Auto audio outputs over AUX. My phone is also connected to the PCM using bluetooth and phone calls still work there. This works for me on a Samsung S8, but no guarantees this works for all setups.
Sounds very encouraging - thanks!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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