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That one:
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It's really interesting how the negativity of the early reviewers (mostly UK based journalists) from last spring/summer, has given way to far more positive reviews. I think that the "shock" of the change to the turbo 4 (and related change in sound) is diminishing and folks are starting to appreciate the 718 for what it is - simply the best sports car in its class.

My hope is that as more of us receive our cars and post our experiences, the 718 will continually be seen in a fairer, more balanced regard. Another thing that may change some minds is when those who track 718's start demonstrating the new performance envelope, more of the "purists" will find acceptance. It doesn't wail, but it sure does growl!
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Well yea, a lot of the purists and Porsche aficionados were all going insane saying that it sounds like a Subaru and why would they use a smaller engine, and blah blah blah. Now that they see it can actually perform and it's still a true Porsche in what it should be, they're becoming satisfied. People just need to wait it out a little before jumping the gun.
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