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Kerbed wheel!

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Hi all

I’ve had my car for six months and absolutely love it. I live in London, UK and managed to kerb my wheel!

You can see it in the picture attached. Not the biggest scrape - it’s about 2cm - but wondering whether to get it fixed or not.

These are painted Carrera sport wheels and was worried that if they get refurbished and painted, the may not be the same as the original factory finish.

Any thoughts would be helpful! Thank you!

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Oh I feel your pain, took my wheels a few weeks ago and made the mistake of leaning a wheel against a
Wall but it was very breezy, (enough to blow the wheel believe it or not) and the wheel fell over
AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH I shouted :eek::eek::eek: anyway, the damage was done, see pics.
once the lacquer has been damaged water ‘will’ got in and cause corrosion so it needs sorting.

I did mine myself, 1200 grit emery, nice a slow, then clear gloss spray lacquer and I’ve no pictures but
You cannot tell, really pleased.

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Post a pic when it’s done please (y)
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