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Key for Unlocking Lug Nuts

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Hello All,

I purchased my Boxster used and did not receive the key to unlock the wheel lugs. I called a Porsche dealership and was told that the only way they could determine which key I need is for me to bring the car by for them to look at (I live about 2 hours away). That sounds a bit odd to me, with me thinking they should be able to figure out the key by the VIN number. Has anyone else had any experience in obtaining a key from a dealer?
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I got a spare for mine off eBay so I could keep it with my torque wrench for my very few track days. Size ABC59. Also, because my dealer did this and it makes sense for checking torques at the track, the key lug bolt is outward from the rounded part of the Porsche logo on the wheel centers, sort of the opposite of the logo pointing to the air valve.
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