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Last of the manuals

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So 5 weeks of ownership and I can say is
wow... everything in my previous review stands up. Rather than a long drawn out review. I wanted to share my highlights and an interesting rumour I've heard now on multiple occasions.

1) The gearbox. Short, fast and mechanical.
2) Handling. Unreal, so sure fitted and gets a of the power down
3) Power deliver: constant wall of torque and lots of control at low speed
4) Looks: just look at it!
5) Quality: feels like a special car in and out

Negatives? None. Maybe only that I wish it could clean itself!

So the rumour. The factory is closed as they ensure all new builds meet new emmision regulations. In doing so the manual will likely be held up or not supported, so not built.

If true my last build slot manual GTS is feeling like a very good investment.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, picture below

And if you do have a manual 718, hang on to it!


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