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Launch Control

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Finally reached the 2K mile break-in point on my Cayman S and decided to celebrate with two Launch Control runs. Holy $#&@!! that was quite the ride ??

Don't think I'll be doing too many more (it's got to be awful on the rear tires and transmission), but it simply had to be tried at least once. I noted that while the M2 Competition I test drove (before buying the Cayman) demonstrated quite a bit of rear-end instability during similar shenanigans, the Cayman was absolutely rock-solid during my 110-mph sprint, err, I mean, my spirited acceleration to the posted legal speed limit and no more ☺
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Just wait until you get an opportunity to do, say, a 30-to-70mph run at WOT. In the base Cayman that's seriously impressive. Not many cars out there that are quicker in this regard than ours.
Sorry Vif, but what is WOT when its at home?
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