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Limp Mode & High Oil Pressure

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I noticed my oil pressure getting up to 56 and 57 quite easily, which is just under hitting the red bar on the right.

Since I'm going to be tracking my car, it has me a little concerned. I read in another thread someones got up to 67. It seems like that would pin the gauge i my car.

From what I've read, the car can go into "Limp Mode" if something gets to extreme (such as oil pressure?) Does the car throw the CEL or some other message? It seems like it might not go over 4K rpm, which I could still get the car home and into the dealer. Does simply letting the car cool down completely take it out of Limp Mode? What's the best thing to do if something like this happens?

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So what about "Limp Mode"? What are the indications and is there any potential immediate remedy? I'm sure it depends on what the cause is, but does letting the cat fully cool down ever alleviate the potential problem?
Ive been tracking a 718 Boxster S hard and on hot days it will overheat and go into limp mode at 245-250 deg. coolant. Letting it cool down makes everything good again. We added the optional 3rd radiator kit and it keeps it under 194 under any condition now, driving hard for 30 mins redline after redline. Then the oil temps became an issue, and the car would limp after about 20 min on a 85 degree day. We solved that by removing the cover plate under the oil pan and it fixed it thanks to the increased air flow, however, when we did that we saw that Porsche wrapped the exhaust headers all the way around the oil pan, which doesn't seem ideal, so we wrapped the headers in header tape just to be sure and now it runs great on hot days now. Hope that helps. Boxster S is boosted to 380 rwhp with tune and exhaust, suspension mods, etc.
Awesome info - thanks. At what temp did the oil temp become an issue?
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