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Hello -

I have a 2016 Macan and a 2017 718 Cayman. When I downloaded my MP3 music from USB flashdrive onto the Macan, it ordered the music by genre. So if I wanted to listen only to rock music, I can choose the rock playlist and only music with the genre tag set to rock shows up. On the Cayman, it seems like the music is just randomly dumped onto the drive and appears to be in alphabetical order. I have over a 1,000 MP3's and would like them ordered a little more efficiently.

Anybody have any ideas on how to get the music organized by genre on the 718? I did create a second flashdrive where I added the genre as a prefix to the file name. At least if I have no other options, I'm hoping when I re-download the music, it at least organizes alphabetically so all of the music of a certain genre are in a group instead of randomly scattered.

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