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For some of you interested in having in-car video, but on a budget, here's an option (see link at bottom).

Obviously you can use your cell phone to capture video but that can tie up your phone in a manner that you may not want.

And a GoPro camera can be expensive.

But there are numerous "GoPro-type" action cameras that work quite well these days and are very low cost (under $14).

I have several of these budget action cameras in my vintage race car and they do a good job. You can search eBay of "action camera" and you will see plenty of them for under $20 (USD) with waterproof cover, mounts, charger, etc.

Just so you know, these are not really "dash-cams". I don't believe they will "loop" over the existing data if the card gets full.

I bought one a while back for under $14 with free shipping and it works great (you will need a micro SD card but many of us have them for other uses so you may already have one available).

The link below shows the one I bought.

Note that this link offers you two models....the SJ 9000 and the SJ4000. I actually have both and they are similar except the SJ9000 has a remote that is really unreliable. I wouldn't bother with it. I have not tried the WiFi with phone app.

I suggest you buy the simple and cheaper SJ4000. It comes with lots of accessories and most people can figure out a mount using the stuff supplied.

You may have to accept what is available in terms of color.....it seems to vary by what they have in stock.

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