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Luggage compartment

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Decided to finally buy a Cayman S.
Came to a good deal since it is a 2018.

Now received a message from my salesman:
" 718's are on stop sale right now. I can't even sell the vehicles currently, because they are trying to come up with a fix for reinforcing the luggage compartment"

Anyone know anything about this?
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Don't worry, it has already been fixed. You can take the document into your dealer and get them moving on it.

See here:


And here

AKA3 Fuel tank structure recall (was: Stop sale - Fuel...
Wow! Man, you are a wealth of knowledge. Do you know if ‘18 Boxster 718 also needs the same reinforcement? I did not see the actual models requiring this fix.

Anyone can go to the Porsche site and check their VIN against any open recall issues.
I plugged in my VIN number into the link and found that my Boxster 718, 2018 has no recall issue. Sounds strange that hardtops are required this repair and convertibles are not🤔
I agree. And it concerns me because Atlanta Perimeter Porsche - my dealer - said, there are no recalls on my car.

I understand, the recall is as of 4/21. So I will keep checking and call other dealers as well.

thanks for your reply.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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