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So two items on my list I wanted to deal with....
1.) The puncture sealant that Porsche includes with the car - "I hate that stuff"... if you ever had to use
it, it goes all over everything when it leaks and oh wait my favorite part (NOT) is that it eats itself
to the inside surface of the rim :(

Fix: I replaced the slime bottle with a plug kit which in my opinion is better than the slime. Only downside
is if you have a really slow leak you might not find it. 99% of the time its a screw or nail so this will
be perfect. Anything bigger and there is CAA (AAA) ;)

2.) The Trunk and Frunk lights.... I'm so glad they finally changed the bulbs to LED's but really.... those two
stock lights do nothing!

Fix: Install two packs of Alpena MAX 24" strips.... 2x12" strips (left and right) in the rear and 2x12" (made
into a full 24" strip) for the front :)

(PICS Below)


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These lights are really functional. Any chance you could post a picture on positioning in the trunk and frunk and how you tapped into the existing wiring? This would be extremely helpful.
Ok (not the best pics, but I didnt have much time this morning)
The whole install costs about $50 (lights and connectors and wire loom) plus about 60-90min of time

shows the lights stuck to the inside of the upper exposed edge of the tail light indentation.
-I peeled the original tape off the Alpena lights and used 3M body molding double sided tape instead (it wont come off)
-I put all the cables into 1/4" wire loom right back to the original light harness
-When routing it from each side, just zip tie the wire loom along the existing wire harnesses behind the carpet
(you'll have to pull up the two plastic covers around the oil and coolant fillers and then just pull the carpet back - literally takes 5min, no big deal) just be careful not to break the tabs off on the bottom of those black covers (pull straight up)
-I used a couple of small wire taps so I didnt have to cut the existing wires.
-The black one with the yellow line in it is the positive and the brown one is the negative...
*make sure you clean the surface you stick the lights to with some alcohol first... sticks better

shows the connection in the trunk to the original harness
once done just tuck it all back in and put the original light back in the carpet

shows the 24" long light strip in the front
Clean off the bottom edge of the hood seal with some alcohol and stick the lights right to the seal
using the same 3M body panel double sided tape

In picture 6 i pulled the cable loom out to show you the short little jump around the two pieces of carpet....
you litterally need 8 inches of wire to get to the original light to tap in.

shows the front connections
-here the yellow/white is the positive and the brown is the negative

Just shows you the lights in the Frunk on a better angle

Looks clean and certainly makes a whole lot more light than before.... I can now find things in there at night :cool:
Hope that helps


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Slime is a terribly substandard tire puncture remedy and it has never worked for me. Stan's Tire Sealant (Race or Original) is all I've ever trusted over the past 19 years...accept no substitutes!
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