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Maintenance schedule

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After the $400, 10000 mile oil change, and the $800 , 20000 mile oil change and brake flush, I am wondering how much the 30,000 mile tuneup will cost. The maintenance recommends that the plugs be changes. I am thinking $1200. Not bad, 30,000 miles, $2400 in service and $1600 in tires. These cars are a little expensive for a daily driver like mine.
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The way I'm going, tires are going to be more than maintenance.

:D Love it!

@dpcompt, have you considered the pre-paid maintenance plan? I acquired it before my first service and received a PCA discount. Plus, I didn't have to pay sales tax (6.75% here in NC). Whereas, if I purchased each service at the dealer, I'd pay the cost plus sales tax. For four years, I just need to drop off the car for the annual service and sign with no payment.

After the car is out of warranty and expiration of my 48 month pre-paid plan, I'll likely be using a highly recommended independent shop and doing more of the work myself.

FWIW, the non discounted cost of the 4 year service plan was $3,200. So, I would expect around $800 / year on average to keep the car on the road maintained by the dealer.
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