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Manual Roof

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Yes a Manual Roof for your little roadster, shaving weight is the game!

The drive to minimise mass means the 718 gets a Spyder-style canvas top (with a light, Perspex rear window); the roof can be dropped manually from the driver’s seat.
Mines going to be down ALWAYS ;)
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I'd love to have that on the 718. Keep it on for track days and off for when you just want to cruise.
As long as it isn't a total hassle putting the roof up or down. I don't care if its manual as long as it works properly. I'm also happy to not have the extra weight of an automatic roof system.
I'm actually really hopeful Porsche eventually comes out with a full roof version of the 718. Similar to how the Cayman is the Boxer with a roof!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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