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I've spent many hours on this forum stirring up trouble debating the merits of a Cayman Base vs S vs GTS. Got all the important colors narrowed down to black, white, chalk, midnight blue, and silver saved to my phone as screen shots. Pretty sure I want PDK because it's just so darn good. Any stereo choice will probably make me happy, but I want to one-up VifferMike regardless. Been through all my sofa cushions, scrounging up change, and am pleased to announce that I'm $1,000 into my new Cayman (even though my wife doesn't know yet. Shhh) - that's my dealer deposit to be NUMBER THREE on his 2020 allocation waiting list! Woohoo !! So far, then, I've afforded the Bose upgrade, smoking package, and luggage net in passenger foot well with $10 leftover. Not sure which trim I'm getting yet... just praying to come up with another $4,000 by the time I get to place an order, if that ever happens.

I was planning to retire early, but I'm working a bit longer to afford this fine car. Dang they all look good and are a relative bargain. Retirement should start with a new 718, ordered exactly like one wants. Or can afford by begging, borrowing, or stealing anyway.
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