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More 718 hate...

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Apparently a four cylinder is now accepted by the journalists...as long as it isn’t a turbo. What nonsensical criticism will they think of next?
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That's why they write about it and you own it... All they have to sell is their opinion, the more controversial, the better it seems...
Point well taken!
Reminds me of the "Idiocracy" movie part introducing the most exceedingly average person in the world.
Such a great movie.
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It's kind of funny, isn't it?

I recently watched a nicely produced video review of the 982 Spyder, in which the reviewer said that the gearing was too tall, but that it's okay because it needs to be for emissions reasons. He also mentioned he could tell when the engine had dropped one of its cylinder banks (missing was an in-depth analysis of whether it remains properly sonorous - the F6 cult's favorite word - when running on three cylinders). That was okay, too. Not even a hint as to how those things might dampen the driving experience compared to that same car if built without those effects.

Imagine if those characteristics had been part of the F4t versions. It would not be "okay", it would be the end of automotive life on Earth.

Just laughable.
If I’m thinking of the same review you speak of, indeed, many excuses were made for the car’s performance. Because it had the “proper” number of cylinders under the hood, however, all was forgiven. It really is laughable.
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