I bought this from @OmniGLH in anticipation of my 718 that was supposed to arrive in January, and since it never did I have a few upgrades and accessories to sell.

Below is OmniGLH's original post. Selling for what I paid ($1200) + shipping. Condition is exactly as I received it/exactly as described below.


Calling all 718 owners who have the base "Sound Package Plus" audio system.... have I got the deal for you!

I have a complete MusicarNW "Stage 2 UPGRADE" setup for sale. This is a PLUG-AND-PLAY setup for the SPP equipped cars - NO cutting of wires, drilling of holes. Literally uses factory plugs, factory mount points, everything easily installable as all the wiring is pre-terminated and at the right lengths, etc.

When I say "complete" I mean I also have the complete fresh set (never installed... not that you could remove and re-use this stuff anyways) of pre-cut sound deadening materials to apply to the door panels, etc. Also very DIY'able so long as you have some patience. It took me a little over 6 hours, and that was taking my time, re-visiting Rennlist for the visual instructions, etc.

This is a FANTASTIC audio upgrade. Once paired with the MusicarNW "Stage 1" Tweeters (you will have to buy those directly from MusicarNW) this system sounds better than the factory Burmester option. I ran this in my 718 Spyder for a few months before falling victim (?) to the Rennlist "Group Buy" last winter, where in a moment of weakness, and knowing how good the Stage 2 setup is - I went for the Stage 3.

So I've had the Stage 2 hardware (amp and harness) and the unused sound deadening kit from the Stage 3 (unused since I already had the sound deadening from my Stage 2 installed) kicking around in a box for a while now, and it's time to liquidate.

The group buy price was $1,700 (not including the required Stage 1 tweeters), discounted $400 from new. The Stage 1 tweeters can be had for $595 from MusicarNW... so at $1200 for stage 2 you're all-in for ~$1800. System works perfect, doesn't even have a lot of use on it as I installed it in the fall, then parked the car for the winter (I lived in Chicago at the time) and then in the spring installed the Stage 3.

I confirmed with Nick from MusicarNW that he'll treat the buyer of my used kit with the same support as if you bought direct from him new.

There is a full thread on RL detailing (with photos) the DIY install process so you can see what goes into doing it. Musicar Stage 2 Audio Install 718 GT4 - Rennlist - Porsche Discussion Forums