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My Initial Impressions -- 2018 Cayman S

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I just crossed 600 miles this morning and have about a week of seat time so thought I would post my early impressions of the car. As a reminder, this is my first Porsche so still learning :)

  • Styling: to my simple eyes, this car looks darn near perfect with the tidy dimensions, beautiful lines, aggressive yet elegant, clean and simple interior...I feel like a total loser but I go check on the car in my garage before going to bed every night...it just looks that good
  • Handling: have not even come close to exploring the limits but did some back road driving with some twistys and all I can say is WOW...I have read so many reviews saying the Cayman/Boxster driving sensation needs to be experienced for any car enthusiast and now I know why. I just feel like I am connected to the car in a way that is hard to explain
  • PDK transmission: I have lots of experience with BMW's DCT, a little experience with Audi's DSG, but this transmission is on an entirely different level. Smooth, lightening fast, and so intuitive to the situation at hand
  • Power: wow, the power...I am still babying it in the break in period (I know, lots of debate on break in procedure but I am being conservative), but the power (amount of power and the amount of low down torque available) make this an incredibly fun and quick car. The last BMW M3 I had was probably just as fast, but the 718 just puts the power down so much better
  • Feeling of "specialness": stepping into the car, I just feel like a million bucks, and feel very fortunate to be in such a great car...and I know my car is on the low end of Porsche's in general :)

  • Engine refinement: I am actually OK with the boxer rumble (I grew up in a few Subaru WRX's), but I do find the engine to be a little coarse, especially at low RPM's. I have disconnected the Soundaktor already, but there is a buzzing happening at low RPM's that is very "un-porsche" like (I think, as I mentioned above i am still a Porsche nube)
  • Cabin noise: I know this is a proper sports car, but the general "roar" in the cabin is more than I expected; I am getting used to it but did find it tiring on the drive back home from the dealership where I bought it (just under 300 miles one way)

As you can see with the above, way more positives than negatives...absolutely love this car. I have a very bad habit of changing cars out every 18 months or so but my spidey sense is saying this one might be hard to let go of.

Looking forward to continuing to learn on this great forum!
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This is my first Porsche and first truly modern sports car. My previous sports cars had so many "normal" noises that I didn't hear the pitter-patter in the wheel wells like I do on my 2019 base Cayman. Without the weight of the sound insulation, it is somewhat disconcerting at first. After 11 months of driving it, it doesn't bother me at all. It has become one of a number of reminders that this isn't just any domestic vehicle, but a true sports car and gentleman's/gentlewoman's race car. It is easy to think it is closer to having a roll cage and four-part harness than the comfortable DD many folks are able to adapt it to be, IMHO. The fact it can legit-ably be both is impressive.
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