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Overall summary: Everyone should have one.

Picked up a CPO 2017 Cayman S nearly 3 months ago. A never titled 5,200 mile PCNA corporate car from Atlanta (I presume based on data in GPS). This car looked great in its Black w/ Leather Package in Black/Bordeaux Red. Other options included; PDK (a must have), PASM (20mm), 20" Carrera wheels, Premium Package and Sport Chromo Package to name a few. Had some things I might not have ordered (like PASM) and a couple I wouldn't mind having (like Sport Exahaust.

The car is amazing. Literally moved me into the next century. I used to think entrance and exit ramps were fun in the 5 sp. 986 I have owned since new (still have it), but the 718 is on a whole different level. I knew it was a 4 cyl of course. It has the same displacement as my 986 but the technological advances since my 986 and the turbo make all the difference. I have driven it in city traffic, on the highways and on back country roads. Love the paddle shifters when I am in the mood. Really love the Sport mode of course. In fact, I think that may be my mode of choice around town. "Normal" really likes to send the PDK to 7 too often, too early (in my mind) and it does not feel/sound right a lot of the time. Has that "lugging" sound/feel. Normal for cruising the highway is perfect.

At 6'2" 240 I am not a small guy. Once in the 718 it is very comfortable. Even more so than the 986 which I thought was very comfortable. The controls for the most part are logically placed. Navigation is not as easy to navigate as one might like but that isn't unique to Porsche and better than the one in my ML350. The only thing I am still adjusting to is the placement of the turn signal and cruise control stalks. Cruise control is low. Turn signal is high. I have an ML350. The stalks are opposite in the ML so occasionally I am hitting the cruise control when all I want to do is turn. Not a 718 problem. Just something to which I need to adjust.

Finally, I will comment on the exhaust note which seems to bother a lot of folks. I actually liked it but I understand it is just a personal preference like color or many other things. This is the regular exhaust, not Sport, which I would probably like more. In fact, I have a friend who is really into Corvettes and the first comment he made was that he liked the sound of exhaust. Just a completely different experience from the 986....and my friend's Z06.

One final note on exhaust. I loved the sounds of the air-cooled 911s, my 986 and all newer Porsches whether with stock , sport or even aggressive after market exhausts. They all are unique and appealing in their own way and wouldn't mind having any of them. But in my mind no exhaust note will ever quite capture my heart like the pre 70s V-8s like my '63 Ford (427/425), or the 60 (283/270) and 67(327/350) Vettes I have. Even the new V-8s do quite match up in my mind. Must be those catalytic converters or something getting in the way.
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