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My Porsche / Connect Issue

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Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem: i have the Porsche Connect Plus as part of my lease deal. I leased the Cayman from a dealer in Pasadena, but Riverside is on my way to work.

When I took the car for service at Riverside the first time, about 2 days later I received an email that my car was removed from My Porsche service; and none of the apps work. I emailed and it took over a week to restore it.

Then I had a flat tire and Pasadena was the closest dealer. Again, 2 days later, my car was removed from the My Porsche service. The second time it was restored much faster and they said it had something to do with the transferring from one dealer to another.

I just took it in for an oil change in Riverside and, you guessed it, lost the My Porsche service again. I received the email on the 31st. I have emailed three times to have it restored with no luck.

My emails have gotten more terse as they go on -- this is just unacceptable that it happens, let alone how long it takes to restore

Has anyone else has this issue? I talked to the dealers and they have never heard of it happening.
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I had the same experience. Bought my car from an out of town dealer. When I first went to my local dealer for service, the car was removed from My Porsche a few days later. Called PCNA and they told me this was for security reasons. They put the car right back in for me and also helped me activate my Porsche Connect services. But this seems like a pretty aggressive action to take for simply switching dealers. They could send you an email to confirm it was legit rather than deleting the car.
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