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My Porsche - tracking your delivery

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I was wondering what experiences people have had with the accuracy of the tracking of their delivery. I ask because my car seems to have been sitting in the port of Bremerhaven for over six weeks now.

On My Porsche, the date of the vehicle leaving port has now been pushed out with an outer date of late May when it was previously early March. This would mean that the car will sit in port for nearly four months. Is this normal with Porsche deliveries?
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This is the unfortunate reality with Porsche shipments lately. Your experience is more common than rare. The logistics problems with international shipping that arose during the pandemic still persist. Plus, a strike at the port last year added to an already large backlog, and I don’t believe it’s been fully cleared.
Mine is currently scheduled to sit at the port for over two months.
I’m not aware of any particular problems compared to what may be considered normal these days. Mine arrived at the port on 3/31 and shipped 4/05. That was pretty good, but not as quick as some orders over the last couple months.

My guess is that the destination port factors in heavily. Logically, a ship won’t leave until it’s full. So the number of vehicles destined to one port vs another will affect the timing. That said, my SA told me that cars have been regularly shipping within 1-2 weeks once at the port, with most shipping closer to one week or less. That turned out true for me.
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