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My turn for an allocation cayman GTS

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Hi everyone!
It’s finally my turn for an allocation for a cayman 718 GTS. I’ve been waiting for a year for this allocation. The car is scheduled to be built starting in April. The dealership is asking for my build by Thursday.

I was hoping I could run my build with you guys as this is the first porsche I’m going to own.
I test drove a 2017 cayman 718 S in manual and absolutely loved it.

I have some questions:
Regarding PASM, it raises the ride height by 10 mm right ? I just want to confirm that this is not a typo. They didn’t mean to say lower by 10mm?
Does anyone here have any experience with the bucket seats? Would they do it again ?
I really can’t decide between shark blue, arctic grey and python green. All are such beautiful colors. Does anyone here own an arctic grey 718 ? Would you do it again ?
Thank you everyone.
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Please don't completely dismiss the SportDesign Package before reading this info.

We optioned the package on our BGTS and the glossy black parts look really sharp, much better than the (IMHO) cheaper looking standard dimpled matte black plastic stuff on effectively every low end vehicle in the world. We even installed a set of matching gloss black side vents from BumperPlugs (Painted Side Vents - 718), to tie together all the exterior parts and they all match perfectly.

I'll admit they sometimes seem to be dust magnets (just like any other glossy black surface), but mostly it's really only noticeable on the lower portion of the rear valence after significant mileage. Regardless, we had our entire car PPF'd, so no worries with chips, scratches or swirl marks on the the glossy black parts or any of the other painted surfaces. The PPF allows the use of a California Duster without having to worry about scratches and the entire car can be dusted in 5 minutes or less.

Would definitely order the package again if a Spyder RS allocation were to come our way.
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Ceramic coated the entire car and PPF'd the front, rockers, rear wheel arch and rear bumper on our '17 and glad we did, as there was evidence of PPF dings from rock chips from time to time on the rear wheel arch during our 2-year ownership period. Fortunately, they all healed themselves...gotta love the Texas sun.

That was enough to sell me on doing the entire car when our '22 BGTS arrived. Went with XPEL Ultimate Plus, with hydrophobic properties similar to ceramic coating. The installer actually stated ceramic would be overkill, as the Ultimate Plus was all we'd need.

So far, it has performed as well as ceramic. In fact, keeping numbers on the car during AX and track days has been a royal PITA. Nothing wants to stick and that's a good thing.
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I have like €2k to spare on PPF the next month when the car should be delivered. I was quoted €1.9k for front cover and double of that for full. I wonder what's the best way to approach this. Get a frontal PPF ASAP to protect the paint and then in a few months finish a full PPF + ceramic coating, or should I do all in one go?
IMHO if you are driving your car and plan to get the entire car PPF'd, then I'd have the most vulnerable portion PPF'd (no ceramic) ASAP....then have the remaining portion PPF'd and the entire car ceramic coated at the later date.
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I called around today.
shop A -
Full front PPF - $2100
Full front plus rocker panel PPF - $2800
Whole vehicle PPF - $6000

Shop B - 11000 for PPF entire car. I think it was 5-6k for just the front areas and rocker panel.
Apparently all the Porsche owners have brought their cars to shop B and they have gained a reputation for their work.
The owner said that he was going to invite me over to see a gt4 that he will be working on in the next two weeks.
I’m a little torn over getting this PPF done. On one hand I do want to protect the paint. But on the other hand how much does it cost just to repaint the car ? Ive found many dissatisfied customers who have had PPF on their cars on YouTube.
Shop A's pricing is similar to that of shops in our area and what we paid. Shop B must have one heck of a reputation to get $11K...seems way over the top to me.
Thanks Chief!
I just updated my build and I’m deleting the rear badge completely.
I do plan to PPF the entire car and ultimately just make the car look cleaner. The tags are unnecessary. Thanks again
Excellent choice. Detailing around that script on our BS was a PITA and the reason we went badge delete on the BGTS.
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