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My turn for an allocation cayman GTS

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Hi everyone!
It’s finally my turn for an allocation for a cayman 718 GTS. I’ve been waiting for a year for this allocation. The car is scheduled to be built starting in April. The dealership is asking for my build by Thursday.

I was hoping I could run my build with you guys as this is the first porsche I’m going to own.
I test drove a 2017 cayman 718 S in manual and absolutely loved it.

I have some questions:
Regarding PASM, it raises the ride height by 10 mm right ? I just want to confirm that this is not a typo. They didn’t mean to say lower by 10mm?
Does anyone here have any experience with the bucket seats? Would they do it again ?
I really can’t decide between shark blue, arctic grey and python green. All are such beautiful colors. Does anyone here own an arctic grey 718 ? Would you do it again ?
Thank you everyone.
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@ Hydralazine -

I'm a 1st time Porsche owner myself. A few questions for clarity:

What part of the USA? If Hot (AZ, FL, TX, etc.) vented seats might be a consideration (which nixes GTS interior - i believe).

Assuming $$ is part of the equation...Are you planning PPF, Ceramic coating, Tinting windows, any Porsche Warranties (Tire/Wheel, etc.), and of course the urge to swap out the OAPs & add valve controller? These add up real fast beyond the build price. If so you may want to look at trade-offs. Are the 18-ways really worth the $$?

If $$ is no problem then build your dream and enjoy!
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Thank you for your help and message.
I’m in the PNW so I’ve never used ventilated seats except a couple times in the summer (my daily driver is a 2021 lexus gx 460).
I have not even thought about the aftermarket upgrades. I have never done any of things in the past (but I’ve also never owned a sports car before).
I would probably do PPF.
I will do a search on OAP and valve controllers. I’m not familiar with this. I’m assuming this is an aftermarket exhausted upgrade?
thank you.

also can you post your build if you have one ? I would like to see how your car is setup.
My build was 2022 so it won't match 2023 (no more Black/Luxor Beige interior and LED PLDS+)

Attached is my sticker and some pics:

  • I felt the Beige interior paired well with the Aurum wheels -
  • Went with standard seats, felt like some that you'll only use the 18-ways once
  • IMHO Black calipers is a must for any exterior paint color (minus the reds)
  • I'm in North Dallas area and it gets hot, so vented seats
  • Ala cart vice the Premium Package for LCA, I've gotten in the bad habit of not looking over my shoulder to move lanes (my other vehicles have mirror warnings) plus the highway speeds here are fast and cars can easily sneak up on you
  • The best headlights available in 2022
  • The basic interior trim looks way too cheap so went with the leather
  • Finally GT Silver, classic/conservative pick to bring down the bit aggressive wheel color

Also full PPF, Ceramic paint coating and full Window tinting - All done by Dallas Xpel after I picked up the car.

That was MY thought process and personal preferences. My only regret was possibly white instrument dials and sports clock. I do notice on cloudy days the dials are really dark. My opinion
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Thank you Sir
Yes Satin - FYI it's just cheap plastic - Also if you PPF that part of the car, they will remove it and re-apply - I'd suggest get the whole thing or nothing - It's easily removed with dental floss or fishing string - If you don't like the whole look remove the Cayman GTS part and just re-apply the 718 (re-centered of course) - IMHO

I had the whole designation then removed everything - I thought it was cheap looking - Again MHO

Great build - These are not easy decisions!! - Enjoy
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