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Yesterday I was prepping my car for PPF next Tuesday. Since it's a new car, the paint correction is at a minimum. I have very simple system that has worked keeping my cars showroom new for years. Meguirs 205>Jescar Power Lock>Collinite 845.

As I was using my Griots polisher on the hood, the backing plate denigrated and the pad flew off. Unfortunately, the bolt from the backing plate was now on my hood spinning! This caused etching on my hood for the couple of seconds this all happened. As you can imagine, my heart sank. I thought I had just ruined the paint on my new car! :crying:

Since I had some Meguirs 105 on hand, I decided to see if I could correct the scratches that were pretty deep on the hood. After about and hour and several passes they all but disappeared. I feel very fortunate that I was able to correct this.

Today I will be applying the final 2 coats of wax by hand. 0:)

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Yes, very fortunate. Luckily the scratches were on the clear coat only.
Wow as you described the mishap it could have turned out much worse especially if you were putting a bit of pressure on the polisher. One thing though once the PPF goes on the car even if there were very light scratches on the clear coat you wouldn't be able to see them anyway.
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