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Need help with 2017 Boxster S CPO pricing

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Hi all,
I have been looking for a weekend coupe/convertible and came across this CPO Boxster S last week and took a test drive. It is a 2017 model sold in Sep 2016 which makes the car nearly 4 years old. The options list is decent and it has 16k miles on it. The car seem well maintained but hadn't been inspected when i drove it. I like the color and the car was well maintained but i think the price is a bit too high for a car nearly 4 yrs old. Their asking is 61k and msrp was 92k. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on what would be a good price for it.

Prod Month:​
Miami Blue​
Leather Interior in Black/Chalk​
Boxster S​
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)​
20" 911 Turbo Design Wheels​
Wheel center caps with colored Porsche Crest​
Heated Multifunction Steering Wheel​
Seat ventilation​
Luggage net in passenger footwell​
Model Designation "718"​
Navigation Module for Porsche Communication Management (PCM)​
Two-tone leather interior​
Bose® Surround Sound System​
Leather Interior in Black/Chalk​
Miami Blue​
Power Sport Seats (14-way) with Memory Package​
Premium Package (Sport Seats, 14-way)​
Sport Exhaust System including Sport Tailpipes in Black​
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This build looks to me like it would have broad appeal to those looking for a daily driver (ie, most of us!) Not counting for local market conditions, I would say about 50K, +/- feels right. It's also my opinion that it's worth paying a little bit more to secure a deal if you find the exact, or very close to the exact car you've been looking for. Good luck!
Thanks for the update! Where about is the dealer located? 54K seems more than fair for this. Of course every deal is unique.
It seems some dealers will wait and wait for the right buyer, and others want to move cars quickly. Sounds like you're dealing with one of the former.

Is the 981 GTS CPO?
Yes it is the 981 GTS. And i would gladly pay 65k for the car but they went down 600$ which honestly, no one looking for this kind of car cares about and then stopped responding. It is over an hour away from me so my offer and negotiation has been via email.
It may be worth driving the hour to walk in with your checkbook and your 65K offer. Worst case you'll get back in your car and drive home. They'd have to be nuts to let you walk (but you have to be willing to!) The car's not getting any newer!
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1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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