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Need some help please, Spoiler will NOT go down, button blinks.

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Hi all, so it's a shame that this has to be my first post since being back from my trip, but it's going to eat me alive until it's solved. The car is incredible, the trip was incredible, everything is amazing, and I'll detail this all in a later post, but right now I need a problem solved immediately. This is too early to have a problem and I'm VERY frustrated.

The spoiler is stuck UP in my brand new CGTS4.0. It will not go down. The button instead BLINKS and goes down just a tiny bit. Why is this happening and how do I solve this problem?

So I had the car in sport mode last night when I pulled into the garage, and I did not put back in the normal position. The spoiler was up when I came home and I didn't bring it down.

Fast forward to just now, I went out to check on the car and show a friend, as well as lower the spoiler, and to my embarrassment, the spoiler WILL NOT GO DOWN.

The button is lit, with spoiler in UP position. I simply hit the button to bring it down, and it appears to go down a very small amount, and the button starts BLINKING.

It just won't go down. The roads are a complete mess, and I don't want to take it out right now. I somehow made it all the way home without any salt or mess getting on the car, so I would ideally not want to drive it right now.

Can someone help me? I remember someone had an issue like this but I can't remember the solution.
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Thanks guys, I'm gonna go out and check it after the Bills game.

So ostensibly what's the deal with the spoiler? I didn't notice any automatic raising or lowering on my trip, but granted I was mostly in normal mode. What makes it go automatically UP and automatically DOWN? Is it dependent on being in a certain mode, or speed?
it’s speed dependent. The threshold speed on some models does change by mode. But every Porsche I’ve ever driven, the spoiler will go up and down in normal mode.

if you never saw yours go up then you were either going slow or something might be wrong with the spoiler.
haha definitely not too slow. I didn't go nuts (yet) but I hit 100 on several occasions. The way I sit in the car, I can't really see it in my rear view. So say I'm in normal mode, driving along and hit 80 or whatever the speed is... will it go up AND the button will automatically light up, just in normal mode without me doing anything?
In a Cayman you can NEVER see the spoiler if you are inside the car. With the hatch closed anyway.

If you are stopped or at low speed you have to hold the button down for awhile to get it to go down. Or drive at 20+ MPH to get it to go down with the button.
This is the info I was looking for. Good stuff man, thanks.

Kinda stupid though, no? Why won't it just go down by pressing it? haha
See if this post helps (hope so). Can't wait to hear what you think of the 4.0

Once I solve this issue I'm going to do a nice write up. The car is mind-blowing. I did 1500 miles in 3 days.
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Just went out and held down the button and it went down. She's all set.

I'm just glad it wasn't a faulty part. I can deal with a quirky process, but a broken part already would have made me nuts.

thanks guys!
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it knows youre a Bro from Jersey and it just assumes you want it up all of the time.
PKWY 151 Represent MF
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