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New Blendmount radar install

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Finally got around to installing my new radar detector this weekend. Picked up a Cobra DualPro 360. Before those of you who don't know, and jump me with: "Cobra"? :p .............. a little background info. Escort, Beltronics, and Cobra have been under the same parent company since 2015. They recently decided to make some changes to their line-up. Cobra now has a top tier detector, the DualPro 360. This is a re-badged Bel GT-360. The Bel GT-360 was Bel's version of the Escort Max 360, so the DualPro 360 is pretty much a Max 360 with a few minor differences.

So far it's working fine. BSM is excellent, as is the range. The ability to mute out a false K band via GPS location is nice, as is the speed mute feature , no alerts below the speed you set. I'm using 25 MPH to catch the stray false at strip centers, etc. I tapped into the power in the overhead light/garage door opener panel.




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My hats off to you guys. I don't know how you tolerate the incessant chirping of these devices. As I stated in a previous thread I bought the Uniden R3 and programmed it according to the YouTuber Vortex Radar and the thing chirped all the time.....I sent the it back post haste. I have never been pulled over by law enforcement while driving my Porsches since I do all my spirited driving on the back roads of Texas, and strictly obey the speed limits on the public roads.
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