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New Boxster - Ceramic Coating

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New to the group I am picking up my 2019 Boxster this coming weekend. Carerra White, Carerra 20” Sport Wheels, PDK.

Car just arrived at the dealership from Germany and cleared customs. I have seen many advertisements online and now I see that Mothers has come out with their version. So I have a few questions.
Would you use a Ceramic Coating on your car?
How long should I wait to apply apply any wax or this Ceramic Coating?
Feeling excited....
Thank you for all responses!
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[FONT=&quot]We got ours applied before we took final delivery and put any miles on the car (not even PDI miles). PPF and ceramic, we used our own detailer who spent a lot of time preparing before applying, which is critical to longevity- more costly/time consuming than the OPC, but we felt this was worth it. Once you have ceramic no need for wax. Getting it done as soon as possible is also optimal and would be my advice.[/FONT]
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