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New Boxster - Ceramic Coating

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New to the group I am picking up my 2019 Boxster this coming weekend. Carerra White, Carerra 20” Sport Wheels, PDK.

Car just arrived at the dealership from Germany and cleared customs. I have seen many advertisements online and now I see that Mothers has come out with their version. So I have a few questions.
Would you use a Ceramic Coating on your car?
How long should I wait to apply apply any wax or this Ceramic Coating?
Feeling excited....
Thank you for all responses!
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^^^^^^ very important post. when mine was done at a friend's shop (the day after i picked up the car) he said the dealer prep on the car was pitiful and spent quite a few hours getting the surface ready, and a surprisingly large amount of clay bar action.

i actually had the clear paint protection done to almost the entire car first, then the ceramic coating over that. i wanted as much protection as i could get and i am veryu happy. washing the car is soooo easy now.
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