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New Cayman S on order

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I'm waiting on my new Cayman S. It should be arriving in late April or early March. It will be my 4th Porsche. The bug started with a 1977 911S Turbo Look, then a '06 Boxster, followed by an '08 Boxster S RS60. Can't wait for the 718!! It will be my DD
The build will include:
20 in wheels .. satin black
Sport Chrono
LED lights
Sport Exhaust
Full Leather -- black/ beige
GT steering wheel
Sport seats
Graphite Blue Metallic

Can't wait to have another Porsche in the garage. It's been 4 years without one ... too long
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Congratulations!!! Looks like a great build. Waiting for my Boxster-- late April delivery date. The wait is on!!!
That's definitely going to be a real nice combination there. Welcome to the forums and congratulations! Why did you get rid of the 77' ?? Those things were gorgeous !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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