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NEW GT4 OWNER - Ready To Play With Mod

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It's a 2023, so what bolts and/or tune can I do without breaching my warranty when I take it in for my oil changes in the next 5k-10k miles.

Here is what I would like to do based on what I'm reading is a good start.. This a 30 hp rear wheel upgrade in most cases if I'm ready dyno sheets correctly?

  • BMC Air Filters
  • Over Axle Exhaust
  • Stage 1 Tune

Here is my delivery drive off video. Love this car so far.. But want just a little more grunt on the low end.

Porsche GT4 In Artic Grey -Bringing Her Home
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Thanks Terry, good to know. I will initially consult my dealer too as they may have approved vendors they work with that will keep inline with any warranty.
I think you are playing with fire if you really care about the warranty. I doubt a dealer will 'guarantee' that a preferred vendor will not break the warranty, and no vendor will agree to cover the warranty if their work doesn't pass. You'll have no options at that point except enjoy your new tune and to save up for any needed warranty work that won't be covered.

Personally, I don't get the need to do 'things' to the cars. I mean Porsche has 75 years of proven and successful racing/engineering/design experience and I just trust them to get it right. Plus, once you start down the rabbit hole of improve this, tweak that, it never ends. There are tons of vendors out there that would like to free you up from your money, and all of them combined don't add up to Porsche's expertise.
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