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New Key FOB Programming

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IMO, it is essential to have a third key FOB so it is possible to start the car in the case the usually used FOB is inadvertently lost. Since wallet keys that will start the car are no longer provided, I have been buying an extra (third) FOB for each of my cars and keep it well separated from the one in my pocket so it is unlikely both will be inadvertently lost at the same time. I am frequently away from home with only the one FOB in my pocket as the second FOB resides in the abyss of my GFs bag and she is not always away with me.

For both my BMW X3s, the BMW dealer wanted $225 (in addition to the $325 cost of the new FOB) to program a new FOB. It turns out a new BMW FOB can be easily programmed by simply holding it adjacent to the appropriate spot on the steering column (with an already programmed FOB in the car) and just starting the car. The dealer's "required" charges for computer programming are unnecessary.

So, now I have my new Boxster and need to buy a third FOB. No matter what, I am going to have to buy this FOB through the parts department ($474) and that is expected. Nevertheless, it would be nice to avoid the $160 to $180 the dealer insists is also necessary to program it (plus a 150 mile round trip to the dealer just to do this).

I want to be sure the new Porsche FOB must be programmed using the dealer's computer before I spend even more for the large bottle of Vaseline that will also be required if the dealer has to do this.
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I read in the owners manual that you can remover the area around where the fob goes in then use the key. Have to find it again. Can they make a key like the one in the fob? If so it could be on a key chain with house keys. If I remember it was in the section about what to do if you have a dead battery.
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