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New member and soon to be owner from Denmark

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Hi all,

I am a long time lurker, but new member and first time poster from Denmark.
Since around June 2018 I have been test-driving for, configuring and planning the purchase of my future 718 Boxster, and this forum has been a great source for reading other members opinions and getting info on different options.
Due to the EU's adoption of the WLTP norm there was no chance of me getting my 718 in the 2018 top down season, but the car has been on order for a while now and planned for delivery in spring 2019.
And I am of course looking forward to taking delivery and enjoying my new car :D
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Welcome Alf :)
Have you got any date for delivery yet?
Does it not says in the manual to press twice on the fob to deactivate entry & drive?
I have already been looking at the online users manual at Porsche iManuals but it does not seem to be possible.
Double clicking the fob should lock the car but deactivate part of the alarm system (for use on ferries or if pets are left in the vehicle).

My dad has a Mercedes W213, and on that it is possible to deactivate the fob, this is in my mind a feature that should be possible on all cars with keyless entry.

Your correct!!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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