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New member in waiter’s club: Cayman S

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I thought I’d add my part to the forum by introducing my build; estimated delivery in April 2019.

porsche-code PKAUI6N8 (can’t submit links yet)

Summary: 2019 Cayman S

Sport Chrono

Premium plus
Base 19” wheels
White exterior/grey interior
18-way seats
Heated MF wheel

I made it vanilla on the outside, no cosmetic upgrades inside, all performance options, a few convenience options.

I purchased a 2018 Macan GTS back in the summer and have been fairly impressed, but it is not a sports car. I first considered a Boxster, but my wife got an M240i convertible, so I decided to go with a Cayman instead.

Historically I have owned BMWs (outside of my stint with Hondas when the kids were younger and ruining everything). However, as most people agree, BMW has been off their game for the last 5-10 years (outside of the 2 series) so I had to look elsewhere and Porsche is making good products.

I nearly bought an M2 Comp. However, that was mainly just to reduce the image that a Porsche can project. So in the end I decided that the M2 was a compromise vs the Cayman and that I’d just learn to live with the Porsche image, whatever that might be. Also, my wife’s M240 is 75% of an M2, so that’s probably close enough in reality.

I have lurked on these forums for a long time, so everyone’s comments have been entertaining and helpful.
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Wow, Welcome and Congratulations! Did you originally post in the Stealth mode?:D
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