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Good morning

New to this forum. My wife bought a 981 when she retired four years ago. We replaced it in May with a 718. Initially had a concern about going from the 6 to the 4 because of what I read. Needn't have had. Love the new one. Has 1,600 miles on at the moment and need to take it in for the vent guards and a wind noise from the driver's side door.

Now to work out how to add a photo or two.....:|


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I'm in Northumberland too. Bought my 718 from the Silverlink/Newcastle dealer but have had some mixed experiences with them after delivery. Now use the Teeside centre and they've been absolutely spot on.

Are you all running the car through Winter? If it's anything like last Winter up here it could get rather dodgy!

Look out for a Miami Blue 718 commuting between Newcastle and Alnwick (love the coastal route..)
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and a wind noise from the driver's side door.
Can you describe this and the fix?

I can hear wind noise at about 70mph+ coming from somewhere around my right ear. It's not loud, but it's there. I keep meaning to sit in the passenger side and get someone else to drive and see if I can hear the same thing in my left ear for comparison. I know from previous cars that it only takes a tiny mis-alignment between two panels to produce wind noise at speed.
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